EXP-4WD Training

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NMBR provides an intensive four-wheel drive and overland/expedition skills overview and training program (EXP-4WD Training) that covers a host of subjects including (but not limited to) driving techniques and terrain negotiation, vehicle maintenance and preservation, vehicle recovery techniques, and overland kit assembly.

The in-field program is primarily geared towards beginner and intermediate level overland enthusiasts who are looking to jump-start or boost their knowledge, experience, and confidence levels. For advanced skill level overlanders, NMBR’s EXP-4WD Training provides a comprehensive refresher or brush-up course that will [undoubtedly] provide new tips and tricks.

New Mexico Black Range has provided EXP-4WD Training to a multitude of four-wheel drive and overland enthusiasts, companies, and government agencies including U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement.

NMBR’s EXP-4WD Subject Matter:

All of NMBR’s in-field training is straightforward, logical, and step-by-step. NMBR’s EXP-4WD Training course covers these main subjects:

Expedition/Overlanding Overview: Gearing up and kit assembly; What to take into the field (4WD/Overland specific with tool, equipment, provision, and kits overview);
Provision and supply conservation; Safety; Vehicle based-camp tips and tricks; Assigning purpose to every mile of the journey (from planning to post-trip)

Vehicle Dynamics and Operation (off-pavement application specific): Overview of vehicle 4WD system operation, under-hood, suspension system, steering system, traction factors, tires/air-pressure

Vehicle Care and Preservation: Preventative maintenance, vehicle check-ups, and careful driving techniques to help ensure the conservation of vehicle, equipment, and resource (failure and damage avoidance)

Traversing Challenging Terrain/Conditions: Safe, environmentally responsible, and effective terrain negotiation (driving techniques for a variety of off-pavement situations)

Basic Field Vehicle Repair and Issue Resolution: The basics for addressing vehicle issues far from the beaten path utilizing the available resources

Vehicle Recovery & Lifting: Utilizing safe and effective means of vehicle recovery utilizing the proper recovery equipment (non-winching applications for vehicles without winches); Utilizing safe and effective means of lifting vehicles for recovery/repairs

Scheduled EXP-4WD Training Courses:

March 2020 – Spring Expedition & 4WD Training [EXP-4WD] – Friday, March 20th through Sunday, March 22nd – Details for the Spring EXP-4WD can be found HERE

June 2020 – Summer Expedition & 4WD Training [EXP-4WD] – Friday, June 12th through Sunday, June 14th – Details for the Spring EXP-4WD can be found HERE

November 2020 – Fall Expedition & 4WD Training [EXP-4WD] – Friday, November 13th through Sunday, November 15th – Details for the Spring EXP-4WD can be found HERE

Private/Custom EXP-4WD Training Courses:

New Mexico Black Range's provides private and custom EXP-4WD Training courses for those individuals, companies, organizations, and agencies seeking four-wheel drive and/or overland-based adventures/experiences to suit specific time-frames and unique needs. Email NMBR for details.

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