NMBR's Gila Legends Expedition Featured in Overland Journal

New Mexico Backroads' Gila Legends Expedition is featured in the Summer 2016 Issue of Overland Journal. 

"Daybreak brought sunrays and the invigorating scent of pine and moist earth into the canyon. With tents and gear dripping from overnight thunder storms, camp breakdown was delayed so that things could dry—at least that was our excuse. The new warmth caused steam to rise from the grass and into the tangled tree limbs above. Birds worked the silt and ash rich banks of Black Canyon Creek, hunting for bugs and calling aloud. Once proper coffee was brewed and gear was stowed, we clambered up the switchbacks of Black Canyon, and continued on North Star Road through the heart of the Black Range. In this country, the occasional passerby is not a gear laden Subaru, but rather lone ranchers, pack teams assembling to enter the Wilderness, and the rare ranger. Near Whitetail Creek, we crossed paths with an inquisitive land owner, hunting rifle propped and shells on the passenger seat, who inquired about our intentions in the forest. He was friendly, but touted his precise marksmanship, referencing a road marker about 300 yards off." - Gila Legends: New Mexico's Land of Enchantment 

Want to experience the Gila Legends Expedition for yourself? Registration is open for NMBR's Summer 2017 Gila Legends Expedition (Monday, August 21st through Friday, August 25th). Email nmbackroads@gmail.com for full details and registration information.

This August, New Mexico Backroads will be guiding a five-day [375-mile] expedition that will traverse New Mexico’s vast and diverse Gila region. NMBR has guided this route for American Expedition Vehicles, Expedition Portal, OverlandJournal, and a multitude of enthusiasts seeking adventure. This “expedition of a lifetime” includes a diverse range of scenery, history, terrain, and backroads found nowhere else in North America. Route landscape features will include desert, grassland, chaparral, canyon bottoms, and dense forest with elevations ranging from 4,175 to 9,600-feet. Areas of exploration will include Black Range, Great Divide Trail (sections), Mogollon Mountains, Tularosa Mountains, Elk Mountains, and Plains of San Agustin. The Gila Legends Expedition route will pass through the northern end of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range as well as the Southern end of the Rockies, all while skirting the world’s first established wilderness areas—the Gila Wilderness & Aldo Leopold Wilderness. Road types and conditions will include washboards, two tracks, primitive non-maintained, graded, mountain shelf, dirt byway and (least of all) pavement. The Gila Legends Expedition will provide outstanding vistas, historic landmarks, wildlife viewing opportunities (including Mexican grey wolf territory), and aggressive elevation contours. During the overland based adventure, NMBR will cover a variety of topics including area landscape features, area history, vehicle maintenance, overland tool kit assembly, driving techniques, vehicle dynamics, and other overland-based skill building subjects. Ready for your next great adventure?