Summer Series Adventures: Gila Overland & Gila Legends Expedition

This Summer, New Mexico Backroads will be guiding two separate overland-based tours through one of the Southwest’s most rugged and remote regions—The New Mexico Gila.

Summer 2017 Gila Overland: Friday, June 16th through Sunday, June 18th | 3 Days | Approximate Route Distance: 180 to 225-Miles | Approximate Elevation Range: 4,175 to 8,250-Feet

Summer 2017 Gila Legends Expedition: Monday, August 21st through Friday, August 25th | 5 Days | Approximate Route Distance: 375-Miles | Approximate Elevation Range: 4,300 to 9,600 ft. 

Ready for your next great adventure? To request full tour details and registration information for the Gila Overland and Gila Legends Expedition, email

Route Preview: Visit the NMBR’s New Mexico Gila photo gallery for a preview of the Gila Overland and Gila Legends Expedition experience. LINK -


NMBR Gear Review: AEV Edition Silky BIGBOY Handsaw

Forget the Gas Fumes, Chain Oiling, Broken Axe Handles & Subsonic Wood-chips 

When safely manageable, a fallen tree across the roadway should not be reason enough for rerouting your adventure. Over the three two guide seasons, New Mexico Backroads [NMBR] has utilized the AEV EditionSilky BIGBOY folding handsaw for tree and brush clearing duties. For nearly a century, Silky has been producing high-quality saw and blades in Ono Japan—a community renowned for its steel-forging artisans and ancestry. Today, Silky’s product line remain modest and true to their heritage with a variety of specialty hand saws and limb choppers for landscaping, forestry, and carpentry applications. Silky’s handsaws provide a safe, simple and effective alternative to cutting tools/methods that require gas, electric, or excessive brute force. 

The BIGBOY features a low angle curved 14-1/5-inch (chrome plated and impulse hardened) alloy steel blade with 5.5 serrated teeth per inch. The rubber coated handle provides an easy to grip surface while still ensuring a firm and comfortable hand-feel. The unique arched handle and blade, paired with the saw’s patented laser cut serrated tooth pattern, makes fast and low-effort work of trees trunks and branches up to 12-inches in diameter. Weighing in at less than a pound (450 grams) and measuring less than 15-inches in total length when closed, the saw is ideal for including in an overlanding field kit. The saw has one minor flaw that should be noted for safe operation. Wear leather gloves wile opening the BIGBOY. When closed, the blade’s center teeth are slightly exposed where the blade does not fully seat into the handle stock. The exposed teeth could cause injury if the blade is opened with bare hands. Overall, the Silky BIGBOY provides a well-built and easy to use tool for those adventurists willing to clear the trail ahead. 

Notes from the Guide: Handsaw use should go [hand-in-hand] with personal protective gear (including leather gloves, eye protection, and long-sleeves clothing), two or more felling wedges, a rubber mallet, and a pry-bar (for wedge/cut manipulation). Open or unsheathe a saw only once you have arrived at your work area. Keep your fist aid kit a stone’s throw away and ready for [possible] injury management. Consider what a tree will do during and after cutting such as where it may roll or how it will spring if bound pressure suddenly released. Saw responsibly.