Gila Legends Expedition – Friday, August 23rd to Monday, August 26th – NMBR's Summertime Gila National Forest Traversal

Gila Legends Expedition [GLE] – Friday, August 23rd through Monday, August 26th, 2019 – Expedition-based traverse of the remote backcountry, rich history and rugged backroads of the New Mexico Gila – Professionally Guided by NMBR’s Jake Quinones

Expedition Preview: Read Expedition Portal's feature of the Gila Legends Expedition HERE or visit the NMBR’s New Mexico Gila Adventure photo gallery for a preview of the Gila Legends experience. LINK - 

Overview: Friday, August 23rd through Monday, August 26th | New Mexico’s Gila Region | 4 Days | Approximate Route Distance: 375-Miles | Approximate Elevation Range: 4,300 to 9,600 ft. | The Gila Legends Expedition provides one of New Mexico’s most rugged and remote overland routes. Route and experience featured by Overland Journal and by Expedition Portal. Areas of exploration will include Black Range, Plains of San Agustin, Mogollon Mountains, Tularosa Mountains, Elk Mountains, and Continental Divide.

The Experience: This August, New Mexico Backroads will be guiding a four-day [375-mile] expedition that will traverse New Mexico’s vast and diverse Gila region. NMBR has guided this route for General Motors, American Expedition Vehicles, Expedition Portal, Overland Journal, and a multitude of enthusiasts seeking adventure. This “expedition of a lifetime” includes a diverse range of scenery, history, terrain, and backroads found nowhere else in North America. Route landscape features will include desert, grassland, chaparral, canyon bottoms, and dense forest with elevations ranging from 4,175 to 9,600-feet. Areas of exploration will include Black Range, Great Divide Trail (sections), Mogollon Mountains, Tularosa Mountains, Elk Mountains, and Plains of San Agustin. The Gila Legends Expedition route will pass through the northern end of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range as well as the Southern end of the Rockies, all while skirting the world’s first established wilderness areas—the Gila Wilderness & Aldo Leopold Wilderness.
Road types and conditions will include washboards, two tracks, primitive non-maintained, graded, mountain shelf, dirt byway and (least of all) pavement. The Gila Legends Expedition will provide outstanding vistas, historic landmarks, wildlife viewing opportunities (including Mexican grey wolf territory), and aggressive elevation contours. During the overland based adventure, NMBR will cover a variety of topics including area history, vehicle maintenance, overland kit overview, driving techniques, vehicle dynamics, and other overland-based skill building subjects.

Where, When & Pricing: The Gila Legends Expedition will take place Friday, August 23rd through Monday, August 26th, 2019. Participants will meet the morning of Friday, August 23rd in southern New Mexico; the exact departure location and details will be provided during the registration process. Pricing for single driver (single participant) is $654.00 (plus tax). Pricing for each additional participant in vehicle (passengers, second drivers, minors) is $461.00 (plus tax). Please note: Due to the remote setting of NMBR's overland and expedition traversal routes, services of any kind, including cell, fuel, food, water, resupply, and/or medical services may be unavailable for stretches of 225-miles or more (if re-routes occur).

Planning & Preparations: The Gila Legends Expedition will require participants to be self-supportive with regards to vehicle, equipment, meals, and supplies. Services or re-supply of any kind, including cell signals, fuel, food, water, or anything remotely civilized, will be unavailable for stretches of up to 225 miles or more (if re-routes occur).

Go Boldly with NMBR - Over the past decade, NMBR has written a series of informative overland travel-based articles (NMBR’s Field Preparedness Manual) with topics ranging from field kit assembly, to vehicle maintenance and upkeep, to equipment and gear advice. These articles, paired with extensive checklists and instructions, are provided to registered participants as a solid foundation for what to expect, how to
prepare, and what to bring for the adventure. During the Gila Legends Expedition pre-trip planning and preparation period, NMBR will be available to provide expert opinion and feedback to registered participants for any questions or concerns related to getting ready and gearing up for the adventure. During the Gila Legends Expedition, NMBR will revisit many of the topics covered in NMBR’s Field Preparedness Manual with discussions, demonstrations, and lessons. The self-sufficient aspect of NMBR guided expeditions, overland adventures, and training courses challenges and prepares participants for their future 4WD based endeavors—to go boldly, prepared, and with confidence. 

Register: Ready for your next great adventure? If you are interested in joining the Gila Legends  Expedition, or would like to receive extended details for the tour, please email and additional driver/equipment requirements and registration information will be provided.