NMBR’s Long-term BFGoodrich KO2 Review: 15,000 Mile Preview

BFGoodrich Tires 37x12.50R17 KO2 after six months and 15,000 miles beneath the NMBR Rubicon. Over half the miles logged on these tires have been on dirt, aired down between 11 and 14PSI. Tread depth is currently a bit over 12/32nds; the tires measured a bit under 15/32nds when new. No punctures, no failures. Stay tuned to www.newmexicobackroads.com for the 15,000-mile/6-month (midpoint) update in the yearlong KO2 review series. Wheels: American Expedition Vehicles 17" x 8.5"JK Salta in Black (dust not included).