New Mexico Backroads Featured in American Expedition Vehicles Parts Catalog

New Mexico Backroads is featured in the 2015 American Expedition Vehicles Parts Catalog. The article highlights the the NMBR Rubicon, its central roll in NMBR's field work and why AEV parts were selected for its upgrades.
Each year I log over 15,000 miles in the NMBR Rubicon traveling the backroads of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and Texas. These travels include photographing, scouting, and guiding for a host of assignments and unique individuals. Whether it’s a leading a multi-million dollar treasure hunt in the on the Taos Plateau, photographing wildland fire crews battling flames in the Black Range or scouting along US/Mexico Border, all of it centers on driving where pavement does not exist. The NMBR Rubicon serves as my transport, base camp and office for everything I do in the field.
The NMBR Rubicon was built for dual purposes: technical trail running and long-distance expedition travel. Harsh terrain and environments places a high demand on critical parts such as AEV's wheels, bumpers and winch mount, tire carrier, armored corners, and DualSport RS Suspension System. With over 45,000 miles on the odometer, the NMBR Rubicon has yet to have a single breakdown or failure [all AEV equipment included]and has continually proven itself as reliable and capable.
For more information on American Expedition Vehicles parts and equipment, visit The NMBR Rubicon will be part of the American Expedition Vehicles display at Overland Expo WEST May 15-17, 2015.