NMBR's GHOST DIVIDE EXPEDITION: Gila, Continental Divide & Blue Range

Statelands - Catron County, NM - Photo essay and commentary from NMBR's the [5-day/475-mile] Ghost Divide Expedition - This 2.5 day section provided 225 miles between pavement and any services. While crossing this section, we passed a number of hikers trekking the Continental Divide Trail. The 3,100 mile trail stretches from Canada to Mexico following America's Continental Divide as it winds through the Rocky Mountains across five U.S. states — Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. Only a few dozen individuals are successful at traversing the entire Continental Divide Trail each year. An unexpected overnight freeze yielded hikers wearing every piece of clothing in possession. No hiker wanted a ride back to civilization, aid or resupply--all pressed ahead on their journey.