NMBR's GHOST DIVIDE EXPEDITION: Arizona's White Mountains & Mogollon Rim Country

Eastern Arizona - Photo essay and commentary from NMBR's the [5-day/475-mile] Ghost Divide Expedition - After crossing into Arizona on day 3 [and mile 261] the Ghost Divide Expedition, we pushed north and west through the forested backcountry of the White Mountains and Mogollon Rim. While the drive days were long, we circled the wagons each evening where grand meals were made, spirits flowed and many stories [insert: tall tales] were told. Members of the 2014 Ghost Divide Expedition came from Quebec, Illinois, Arkansas, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and more. The personalities and backgrounds were as unique as the vehicles. Chicago Jay [veteran expedioneer and concrete jungle adventurer] can be credited for labeling our camp for any confused passers by [luckily we had none].