Apache National Forest | Scouting Mission

When the snow finally melted in the high-country, we traveled to southeastern Arizona to explore the Three Forks and Campbell Blue areas. The trip served as a scouting mission for the upcoming Ghost Divide Expedition. While much of the forest vegetation was still asleep from winter, the rivers and creeks were strong with snow-melt. Horton Creek served as our base camp, offering stream-side tent placement and abundant shade. Apache National Forest, AZ


Never a Wrong Turn | The Story of Luka

Two years ago this week, I found a puppy burrowed beneath a dead horse on the desolate flats north of Canyon de Chelly. Luka has since traveled with me thousands of miles across New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. Although she's often grumpy and stubborn, she follows close on the trail and is very protective. She has some health issues and pains, but she is strong and leads an active life. Her greatest pleasures include aged cheddar, chasing rabbits and laying in the stream. Read the full story "Never a Wrong Turn" HERE