Overland Expo 2013

Ghost Divide Expedition [Original] – Overland to the Expo - Sunday, May 15th -19th, 2016

Ghost Divide Expedition II – Overland from the Expo - Monday, May 23rd - 27th, 2016
Two separate Ghost Divide Expeditions will be offered for 2016. The Ghost Divide Expedition [Original] will take place the week before Overland Expo WEST, departing from Southern New Mexico and ending at the Overland Expo WEST. The Ghost Divide Expedition II will take place the week after Overland Expo WEST, departing from Mormon Lake, AZ and ending in Southern New Mexico. Overview & Invite: New Mexico Backroads will be guiding two separate five day [500-mile] expeditions that will traverse some of New Mexico and Arizona’s loneliest backroads. The Ghost Divide Expedition [Original] will lead to the 2016 Overland Expo WEST; the Ghost Divide Expedition II will lead from the 2016 Overland Expo WEST. Both Ghost Divide Expeditions will follow the same route. Over two-thirds of the Ghost Divide Expeditions route will be comprised of unpaved roads. The Ghost Divide Expeditions will provide a demanding [yet rewarding] experience—the days will be long, the roads will be unforgiving, and the pace will be brisk. The Ghost Divide Expeditions will require participants to be self-supportive with regards to vehicle, equipment, and supplies. All nights will include camping and enjoying the company of fellow overlanders, deep in the backcountry. Services of any kind, including cell, fuel, or anything remotely civilized, will be unavailable for stretches of up to 225-miles. For the Ghost Divide Expeditions, New Mexico Backroads seeks the most self-sufficient, open-minded, and good spirited overlanders.
Where & When: Full details to be announced! Preparations: In the time leading up to the Ghost Divide Expeditions, participants [or Ghost Dividers] will be provided with helpful information on how to prepare for the adventure and what to expect. An extensive list of essential and recommended supplies/equipment/gear will be provided accompanied with advice, tips, and tricks. The self sufficient aspect of NMBR guided expeditions [and other 4WD based adventures] challenges and prepares participants for their future 4WD based endeavors—to go boldly, prepared, and with confidence. The Experience: The 500-mile Ghost Divide Expeditions will include a diverse range of scenery and terrain including desert, grassland, chaparral, forest, rivers, canyons, creeks, lakes, and wildland burn scars. Road types and conditions will include canyon bottom narrows, washboards, rutted two tracks, primitive non-maintained, graded, mountain shelf, and [least of all] paved highway. The Ghost Divide Expeditions will feature outstanding vistas, dozens of water crossings, historic landmarks, wildlife viewing opportunities [including Mexican grey wolf territory], and aggressive elevation contours [between 4,000 and 9,600 feet].
This year’s Ghost Divide Expeditions route will be the longest, roughest and best yet. For those that join in, the only guarantee is that they will conclude their adventure with new friends, dirty rigs, big smiles, and stories that will make their fellow overlanders envious. 

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Please Email [NMBackroads at Gmail.com] for full Ghost Divide Expeditions details, cost and registration information.

Photo’s From Top: Land Rover Defender 90, Field Vehicle Repair & Welding Class, Camel Trophy Land Rover Defender 110, HD Dual Beadlocks, Land Rover Defender 90, Triumph Motorcycles Scrambler 900, American Expedition Vehicles Built JK Wrangler equipped with 6.4L VVT V8 Hemi - Mormon Lake, Arizona