Images of the Silver Fire - Heli-Rappellers & Field Repair at Mimbres Valley Airstrip - Black Range of the Gila National Forest

The Salmon Heli-Rappellers are made up of 41 highly trained wildland firefighters prepared to operate in all the roles of helibase operations and as aerially delivered firefighters. The crew contracts four helicopters; one type III Long Ranger and two type II Bell Super 205s, and one S-64e Sky Crane. The crew is relied upon to fill a variety of suppression and support roles which include rappelling for fire suppression, helispot construction, personnel and gear transport, helibase duties, and helping with management projects. During early spring and late fall the crew can be found implementing prescribed fires and will be working on forest projects. Some of these include wilderness trail construction, tree thinning, and fencing. –text via