Metal Masher 4WD Trail: Cruise Moab 2011

Metal Masher is a challenging 4WD trail located on Arth’s Rim and is accessible by following the Gemini Bridges Trail from Highway 191 (north of Moab). The trail is suitable for vehicles equipped with a rear locker, underbody protection, aggressive approach/departure angles and and 33-inch tires. Experienced drivers with more aggressive vehicles will enjoy the challenge of Metal Masher’s most notable obstacles, Widow Maker and Rock Chucker. Both of these obstacles involve scaling a steep ledge; careful tire placement and throttle control is required. For those that aren’t up for the challenge of Widow Maker and Rock Chucker, legal bypasses are available. At the midpoint of Metal Masher, the trail skirts the 1,000-plus foot drop off of Arth’s Rim. The vista at the cliff’s edge provides a bird’s eye view of Arches National Park, the Colorado River and the La Sal Mountains.