Hell's Revenge 4WD Trail: Cruise Moab 2011 (Part I)

The Hell’s Revenge trail is one of my favorites—it’s obstacle rich, provides spectacular views in all directions and is close to the town of Moab. Eager to feel slickrock under my tires after a 10-hour haul from New Mexico, this is traditionally the first trail I run after arriving in Moab. The Hell’s Revenge trailhead is located in the parking lot adjacent to the Sand Flats Recreation Area (SFRA) toll booth, a mile or so northeast of Moab. Characterized by sand, boulders, ledges, slickrock and steep grades, the trail provides something for everyone. For those looking to tackle the trail’s most challenging obstacles (sans The Escalator) vehicles with the following equipment are strongly recommended at a minimum: rear locker, underbody protection, winch, aggressive approach/departure angles and 33-inch tires. Hell’s Gate, the trail’s most notable obstacle, requires drivers to straddle a steep V-notch climb for nearly 100 feet. When traction is lost and tires break loose, the result is often ugly. Mistakes made on Hell’s Gate can have instant results as seen in this YouTube video HERE.  Other noteworthy obstacles on Hell’s Revenge include: The Escalator, Tip-Over Challenge and the off camber decent of Rubble Trouble Hill. The seven mile long trail is clearly marked by painted yellow flames. Please use caution as Hell’s Revenge crosses the path of the heavily traveled Slickrock bike trail at several sections.