Borderland Overland: Part VI

Awakening to a Southern Arizona sunrise was inspiration enough for me to get out the grill and make a southwest scramble style breakfast.  Sautéed sausage, onion, and potatoes with egg; all laid out on a tortilla with hummus, green chile salsa and avocado.  Others looked on with envy while they ate lukewarm oatmeal and Cliff bars. (Hey, I offered to share!)     

After breakfast and packing camp, we made our way through the Santa Cruz River Valley to Lochiel and The Monument to Fray Marcos de Niza.  The Monument to Fray Marcos de Niza features a massive concrete cross that pays tribute to the named friar that accompanied Francisco Vásquez de Coronado during his expedition into the area.  From the monument, we made our way north through the winding roads of the Patagonia Mountains and Santa Rita Mountains.  Bull Springs Road, the final leg of our adventure, was highlighted by sharp switchbacks and narrow shelf roads that got the attention of the guys pulling trailers.  After descending the Santa Rita Mountains into Amado, we arrived at the Overland Expo.  The Borderland Overland was complete; we all made it without serious injury, breakdown or arrest—a success by our standards.    

It was a bit surreal seeing such a large display of overland vendors, vehicles and people at the Overland Expo after motoring through the desert for two days.  As our convoy crept past rows of groomed overland vehicles and equipment, I couldn’t help but think we looked uncivilized as our trucks were filthy and faces a bit haggard.  Our unflattering entrance was fitting as we were a “motley crew”.