Cruise Cruces- Dona Ana Mountains

The Dona Ana Mountains are located 10 miles northeast of Las Cruces; flanked by the Rio Grande River Valley and Jornada Experimental Range. Surprisingly, New Mexico State University, a Land Grant University, owns much of these mountains. The trails were originally established for Jeep racing in the 60’s and 70’s and became a popular destination for those seeking rollercoaster like thrills from behind the wheel.

The trails of the Dona Ana Mountains are characterized by steep inclines and off camber descents providing views into the blue sky or directly down the mountainside. To compound the fun, most of the trail surface consists of loose rock that leaves much traction to be desired. The Dona Ana Mountains also feature an extensive system of mountain bike trails and wildlife viewing opportunities. A handful of caves and Indian Petroglyphs exist in the area for those willing to do exploring by foot.

Dona Ana Mountains Trail Requirements (Moderate Trails): A stock high clearance 4WD truck or SUV will suffice for the many of the trails. Dona Ana Mountains Trail Requirements (Hard Trails): Experienced Driver, Lift, Solid Rear Locker, 33-Inch+ Tires, Winch, Solid Recovery Points. Some of the “Hard” trails provide a high risk of rollover.