Cruise Cruces- Rustler's Fire Trail

Dare I say that Rustler’s Fire Trail is the most remote, most primitive & highest road in Dona Ana County? Yes. Passing another soul on these desert backroads can be few and far between. As for “Rustler’s”, I can almost guarantee pure solitude on this rough and lonely climb to the top of the Sierra de las Uvas. Local legend has it that the road was built by a fire crew decades ago to help battle a wild blaze. The steep inclines signify the direct path that earth moving equipment made up hillsides to reach the fire. The road is now defined by nothing more than faint double track, seemingly in its twilight being returned to nature. Views from the top of the 6,000 foot high ridge include the Rio Grande, Hatch Valley, Mesilla Valley, Jornada Range, Organ Mountains, Caballo Mountains and Gila Wilderness.