Chama River Camp

Sprinkles began tapping the rainfly moments after I dimmed the lamp. I could definitely nod off to this melody. Within a few minutes the flash of lightning and the clap of thunder signaled my peaceful lullaby would soon end. The storm seemed to bear down directly on my shelter; the rain and wind shook the tent through the night. Surprisingly, I slept through most of it. At 5AM my battered tent surrendered to the elements, it began weeping water through the corner seams. Cozy in my bag, I did little to stop the trickle knowing my three inch thick Thermarest kept me elevated. I wasn’t disappointed in my Kelty tent given it had been subject to the downpour for nearly eight hours before the water got through.
When I finally emerged, the weather had cleared leaving a blanket of leaves on the ground and fresh fall aroma. Paired with coffee, the morning was nothing short of spectacular. Life is good on the backroads.
Camping along the Chama River