San Juan Mountains Exploration: Black Bear Pass II

Once in awhile, I have to put the camera down, and both hands on the wheel. This was one of those trails…

The infamous Black Bear Pass starts at the 11,018-foot summit of Red Mountain Pass on U.S. Highway 550. The trail follows the shortest distance route from U.S. 550 to Telluride. After cresting Black Bear Pass at 12,840 ft., the road seems to fall off the face of the earth as drivers traverse a dangerous set of switchbacks above Telluride. The one-way route also passes Bridal Veil Falls (the highest waterfall in Colorado) before the final decent into Telluride.

To make Black Bear Pass a round trip from Ouray or Silverton, use Imogene or Ophir for the return.

A rush of blood to head--staring down the face of a sheer cliff, wheels locked & feeling the truck slide towards the edge. Seems like a 5,000 lb. truck is easily hypnotized by gravity in perilious situations…
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