Flashback: The Black Range NM

Black Range - Gila NF


Flashback: Checkerboard Mesa

Checkerboard Mesa - Grooved Navajo Sandstone. The horizontal lines by wind and vertical lines by water; nature's sculpture millions of years in the making.

Flashback: Zion Pines

“Against all odds” - Two pines cling to a vertical face - Zion NP

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Flashback Series

With thousands of miles covered since January, I’m only a little past the halfway point of this year’s travels. Over the next week I’m going to be rolling the Flashback Series, bits and pieces from my explorations of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.

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Above Photo:Navajoland Stands

Flashback: Toyah & Kent TX


Southern Gila Loop from Las Cruces

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Silver Sanctuary

Silver City New Mexico - A Southern New Mexico Sanctuary

Escape the BBQ level heat of the city. That was our goal in seeking weekend refuge in Silver City from triple digit temperatures.

Located in the foothills of the Gila, Silver City provides an eclectic mix of locals ranging blue collar to bohemian. Though the town is a popular Southern New Mexico destination, Silver City has managed to keep their “brand of local” from becoming a tourist trap.

Galleries, restaurants and bars bring life to the main street while embracing the area’s rustic lifestyle.

Go Local! Pick up produce from the NM roadside stands and save. I bought a sack of avocados, a cantaloupe and a honeydew melon- all for $4.50. “Local” at the stands most often describes produce from California sold by locals. Still a good deal. If you want the romance of locally grown and organic offerings, Silver City has a Saturday Farmer’s Market. I’m still impartial to buying food from wheeled vendors.

Anasazi Sighting

Spotted expedition rig in Silver City, NM. Resting in front of the local brewery on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Owner Unknown


Bad Ass Bakery - Silver City NM

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Midland Muebleria

Departing Midland we passed a truck and trailer from Chihuahua laden with handmade furniture. The skill of rope and stacking was a work of art in itself. Never mind the safety this mobile Mueblaria- this guy was determined to bring a fiesta of furniture to West Texas.

Miner's End: Kingston, New Mexico

Rock, Iron and Wood: these weathered monuments converge to tell the story of a community deep into its twilight.

Past Kingston lays a hidden cemetery that bears the watermark of a community that has seen its burden of tragedy and defeat. Ornate iron work and handcrafted masonry has stood the test of time to provide recollections of legends long past.

Hillsboro & Kingston : Layers from the Past

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Cross at Corralitos

Distant storm moves over the Sleeping Lady Hills
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