Slee Off-Road - Golden CO

Christo Slee is “The Godfather” of the Land Cruiser aftermarket. Slee's products are known for being some of the best quality and design in the industry; handling the abuse of thousands of Cruiser enthusiasts across the globe. Lucky for my bank account, I own a 4Runner.
I lost my better half in Denver. Due to work Meghan flew home to NM leaving me solo for the remainder of the trip. After dropping her off at the airport, I headed to Slee Off-Road where I met Christo and got a tour of the shop.
Somehow, while experiencing sensory overload and blurred vision from the metal works, Cruisers and buggies; I managed to buy a new ARB snatch block and tree strap. As I walked out, Slee jokingly said - “Don’t get stuck”. A few miles down the road the first snowflake hit my windshield. I had already decided to run Mosquito that day.

He was joking, right?