Lincoln Days: Here’s to Billy the Kid

Lincoln, NM- Crowds converge on this sleepy New Mexico mountain town to take part in “Old Lincoln Days”. The festival features arts, crafts, food and a Billy the Kid Pageant. The town’s existing shops, galleries and museums, all located in historic buildings, host demonstrations and tours recalling the town’s long lost legends. The event highlight comes in the form of “The Last Escape of Billy the Kid”, dramatized by locals dressed in full costume.

Following the notorious bandit’s final footsteps was a bit less inspired as strollers and engorged festival goers brought the once swift path to a near standstill. As we weren’t in a hurry we took time to enjoy the cool temperatures and the town’s atmosphere.

Here’s to Billy the Kid. He would have loved to stuff one of these faux designer bags full of stolen cash.

It is common at these small New Mexico Festivals to see locals sneaking a yard sale into the street. We enjoy looking at these items more than what’s featured in the local museums. More enjoyable is watching tourists navigating through the piles and combing for lost treasures. I still catch myself doing a double-take to make sure I’m not passing an original Ansel Adams.