Flashback: Cloudcroft Alive!

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Southern New Mexico Vehicle Exploration

Broad Canyon NM

Thunderhead Plains NM

Southern NM Gila Foothills

Thunderhead Plains NM

Dona Ana Mountains NM

Dona Ana Mountains NM


Flashback: Arizona Highways

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Gila Legends

1931—A stand of pole size blackjacks south of Negrito Ranger Station.Photo by F. L. KirbyFS #258825

Gila Legends

1917—A motorcycle van for transporting fire equipment. With forest trails typically only three feet wide, the motocycle must have been a good compromise between horse and trucks.Photo by O. F. ArthurFS #32683

Feather Hills - Gila

Gila Legends

1929—Rose Peak lookout tower during its construction. The new MC-24 lookout replaces the old wooden tower at left. Photo by I. B. NashFS #233862

Gila: Vehicle Exploration VII

Abandoned fire lookout- The structure was largely preserved and possibly still used during high fire season. The lower living quarters were in shambles as both man and animal had destroyed the contents. The wood floor of the fire tower was smoothed by years of use and worn into a work of art. The view extended from Arizona to the Black Range covering thousands of square miles. I could have sat here all day. Though it would be ill advised,
the view from the tower during a storm would be a exhilarating.


Gila: Vehicle Exploration VI

The road from Mogollion to Bearwallow ascends switchbacks and mountainside tracks that border Gila Wilderness and provide stunning views. The road is mostly maintained being a primary route to Willow Creek and Snow Lake. The road can become treacherous during storms and is closed during the late winter months. A primitive route exists for those willing to do some map research and exploration.

Gila: Vehicle Exploration V

Mogollion, Bearwallow, Primitive Road to Cooney, Willow Creek and Gilita

Gila: Vehicle Exploration IV

Gilita Headwaters


Gila: Vehicle Exploration III

San Francisco River Valley below Sheep Basin Divide


Gila: Vehicle Exploration II

The Feather Hills - Hard to find and worth every mile in doing so.