Silver Sanctuary

Silver City New Mexico - A Southern New Mexico Sanctuary

Escape the BBQ level heat of the city. That was our goal in seeking weekend refuge in Silver City from triple digit temperatures.

Located in the foothills of the Gila, Silver City provides an eclectic mix of locals ranging blue collar to bohemian. Though the town is a popular Southern New Mexico destination, Silver City has managed to keep their “brand of local” from becoming a tourist trap.

Galleries, restaurants and bars bring life to the main street while embracing the area’s rustic lifestyle.

Go Local! Pick up produce from the NM roadside stands and save. I bought a sack of avocados, a cantaloupe and a honeydew melon- all for $4.50. “Local” at the stands most often describes produce from California sold by locals. Still a good deal. If you want the romance of locally grown and organic offerings, Silver City has a Saturday Farmer’s Market. I’m still impartial to buying food from wheeled vendors.