The Legendary Chope’s: La Mesa, NM

Bikers, Tourists, Farmers, Cyclists; they all come in droves to Chope’s during any given weekend for rellenos and cold beer.

As the daytime crowd is quite tame, it’s recommended that visitors come around Saturday’s dusk to experience the bar’s true culture.

Although the wildest days of Chope’s are long over, it’s still possible to lose a fight or your girl to a local.
Don’t bother with the specials. Chope’s serves up 40oz bottles of the old American favorites. During a brawl, don’t be on the receiving end of one of these.

“War Torn Door”- If only this door could speak. It has been shot, stabbed, smashed, slammed and soiled. It will still survive longer many of those that stagger through.

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