Approaching my 100th post I’ve only begun to realize I’ll never manage to cover half of what nature and time has hidden. It is a thirst that grows to explore; another drink and a deeper addiction with each mile. To wander is to find yourself – It is only cliché to those that stopped searching.

Stay Tuned…

High School- Toyah, TX

A town lost and rarely found. The wreckage of Toyah, TX

Old Kent Schoolhouse- Kent, TX

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Weekend Wonder - West Texas

This weekend I’ll head to Midland, Texas for the wedding of an old friend. Having not visited the area since college, I’m eager to see what effect time and distance has had on my perceptions of West Texas. The eternal plains and open sky should ensure a bit of Texas makes it back to these pages; a bit dusty of course.


The Legendary Chope’s: La Mesa, NM

Bikers, Tourists, Farmers, Cyclists; they all come in droves to Chope’s during any given weekend for rellenos and cold beer.

As the daytime crowd is quite tame, it’s recommended that visitors come around Saturday’s dusk to experience the bar’s true culture.

Although the wildest days of Chope’s are long over, it’s still possible to lose a fight or your girl to a local.
Don’t bother with the specials. Chope’s serves up 40oz bottles of the old American favorites. During a brawl, don’t be on the receiving end of one of these.

“War Torn Door”- If only this door could speak. It has been shot, stabbed, smashed, slammed and soiled. It will still survive longer many of those that stagger through.

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Fixtures of New Mexicana: Hatch, NM


Storm Moving In: Hatch, NM

Hopper gazes into the sky monitoring the distant lightning flash and thunder clap. Hatch often receives the brunt of storms that rush down the eastern slope of the Gila’s Black Range.


Ft. Stanton: Layers from the Past

The first American Tuberculosis hospital would later become an internment camp during WWII for both Japanese and German soldiers.


Flashback: November in Northern Dona Ana County II

Just because I’m rolling Flashbacks from 2008’s explorations does not mean I’m short adventure. We are just beginning to crack into the summer months with New Mexico and Colorado trips still ahead. There are still many miles of dusty roads before triple digits are a memory. Summer explorations will push into remote areas of Hidalgo and Luna Counties searching for bits and pieces of the Mexican Drug War.
…And as always, the local favorites.

Stay Tuned

Flashback: November in Northern Dona Ana County


Fort Stanton, NM

Final Exit

Lincoln County Lookout – Monjeau Peak