Cruise Moab 2009: Trail Assignments

Thursday: Golden Spike
Friday: Behind the Rocks
Moab Rim

"This year, the Vendor Expo will be on Thursday evening so that everyone on the Overnight Run can attend. The Vendor Expo will be an awesome showcase of Cruise Moab sponsors, showing off what they do as they hand you free food & prizes!

Thursday will also have a “potluck” atmosphere with everyone else at camp, so if there’s a special treat you’re known for that’s the night to bring it out. Rumor has it that there will be a hotwings contest, so bring your favorite ingredients and impress everyone!

Friday evening will feature the famous Raffle Dinner. Raffle Tickets will be available at the Registration Area on Wednesday & Thursday, and at the event on Friday Evening.
Saturday will be the final official day of trail runs, then we’ll all get together one last time Saturday night to yuk it up.

On Sunday we pack it all up and head home."

-Above info provided by Cruise Moab Committee of Rising Sun 4x4 Club of Colorado