Hillsboro and Kingston: Layers from the Past

Wandering the Black Range at an easy pace, a local’s recollection of past tragedy, an eclectic bed and breakfast and our new found four legged friends.

Details must wait as Moab is at my heels.

Stay Tuned


Cruise Moab 2009: Trail Assignments

Thursday: Golden Spike
Friday: Behind the Rocks
Moab Rim

"This year, the Vendor Expo will be on Thursday evening so that everyone on the Overnight Run can attend. The Vendor Expo will be an awesome showcase of Cruise Moab sponsors, showing off what they do as they hand you free food & prizes!

Thursday will also have a “potluck” atmosphere with everyone else at camp, so if there’s a special treat you’re known for that’s the night to bring it out. Rumor has it that there will be a hotwings contest, so bring your favorite ingredients and impress everyone!

Friday evening will feature the famous Raffle Dinner. Raffle Tickets will be available at the Registration Area on Wednesday & Thursday, and at the event on Friday Evening.
Saturday will be the final official day of trail runs, then we’ll all get together one last time Saturday night to yuk it up.

On Sunday we pack it all up and head home."

-Above info provided by Cruise Moab Committee of Rising Sun 4x4 Club of Colorado


Cruise Moab 2009

Wednesday, April 29 - Sunday, May 3, 2009

Schedule of Events:
Tuesday, April 28 SetupEarly vehicle safety inspection. Overnight run participants should plan to get registered and inspected this afternoon.
Wednesday, April 29 Vehicle safety inspection.Registration and orientation.Optional overnight guided trail run begins.
Thursday, April 30 Guided trail runs: DAY 1Vendor Night and slide show in the evening
Friday, May 1 Guided trail runs: DAY 2 The famous raffle & award dinner, starting at 6:00 p.m.
Saturday, May 2 Guided trail runs: DAY 3
Sunday, May 3 Cleanup and departure.

Registration is now closed as the event is filled.

This will mark my first Cruise Moab. Preparations began months ago after the Chile Challenge. With the event date closing in, I’m becoming excited as I have already started my gear roundup. This week should end a long string of weekend wrenching on the truck that compounded into a mini-overhaul. Running the repairs so close to the event has provided a fantastic pace as of late.

Moab or Bust

Info provided by: Rising Sun 4WD Club

Navajoland: Badlands and Stands

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Gooseberry Mesa & Little Creek : Cliff Riding

A return to the pleasures of human powered exploration and renewal of a long lost passion for mountain biking. “The Point”- With Zion providing trail vistas to the east, it was easy to turn a two minute break into twenty. Here the trail comes to what seems like the edge of the world providing a vantage that puts the rider in perspective.In attempt to eliminate any margin of mechanical error, Hayostek cleans his rotors with alcohol. I chose to leave the dust on mine as a sacrifice to the gravity gods.
“Vista at Little Creek”- The first grand view from the trails on Day 1. The winds were blowing hard enough at the cliff’s edge that jumps resulted in riders blown off course during flight- landings were unpredictable. Rounding a corner that clung to the sheer cliff a gust caught me and knocked me off the bike. I laughed inside at nature’s fury over my feeble existence; my luck had it the winds were blowing inland from the edge. Pictured above: One of our group stands at the edge while a snow flurry moves down the distant mountainside. On the “Hidden Trail”- Hayostek waits. Shortly after this picture was taken I went over the bars and took a good hit to the head. Content with three days of incredible trail riding I took it easy the trip back to the truck and called it a day. I found a video of a rider pitching at the same spot - Here - Believe it or not he’s riding the same bike as me. Among Specialized Epic riders, is this a coincidence or conspiracy? I choose the latter out of self respect.
A couple I later met as the owners of the Earthroamer we saw near the Gooseberry Trailhead. Before this shot they had passed us with ease; the next day they passed us again.
“Tom”- He was lead most every mile of the rides- balancing on rocks, riding wheelies and quiet. The only time I really saw him was when we would break- he would be playing around in the rocks. I rode up on him next to a cliff while he rode a wheelie for the camera; that about summed up his persona.
His ambition for height related thrills may have come from the fact he was a crane operator.
“Jake”- I have come a long way since all but haven given up the sport 4 years ago suddenly after a decade racing. In January Hayostek convinced me to start again after the long absence. I have returned to my roots of off-road travel. Stay tuned as I tell my story from the beginnings: a decade’s long passion for cycling suddenly ended by misfortune. – The misfortune that led me to vehicle exploration.
Now, A renewal of a long lost passion…

“Meat on Fire”- The most important food group represented atop a smoky grill; reward for a long day’s ride. -I’m still surprised we were all able to ride the next morning.
Until next year’s Utah riding trip- Happy Trails.
YouTube Gooseberry Mesa POV Video by BobTWB
TopoMap Gooseberry Mesa Trails
-Thanks to Hayostek for providing me with many of the trail shots as proof of the adventure.


Road Block

Stay Tuned- I am still short two or three posts to finish the Utah trip. Catching up with work has taken priority over getting the rest of my images up. A real job always helps keep the travels going. I still have this past weekend’s travels to the primitive hills beyond Hatch and an upcoming trip to Moab, Utah.

It’s a hard life living in these parts…


Into Zion

“All this is the music of waters.” -John Wesley Powell, 1895

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