The Black Range and Hillsboro, NM #1

Hillsboro is better known for its once Annual Apple Festival (now cancelled) and eclectic mix of ranchers, retirees and artists.
Trip Time: Departed Las Cruces at noon and returned around 5pm
Directions: North on I-25 Las Cruces, Exit 63 after Percha Dam, West on Hwy. 152 to Hillsboro, Continue west Kingston and access to various Forest Service Roads
Though brand new, the only pumps in town were closed on a Saturday, instead they provided a classic backdrop. Still the Runner was thirsty, I pressed on promising to be light on the pedal.

Rolling back through town at 4pm signaled most honest business to be closed for the day.

The hills seemed to ask me to stay another hour for dusk’s radiance, I pressed on knowing I’d be back.