Hidalgo County, New Mexico- Trip Planning

Returning home from a Phoenix business trip kindled my interest in an area that I frequently passed through as a kid and better served then as purgatory between vacation and home. Back when seatbelts weren’t so important I’d retire from watching the lonely landscape by putting my legs on the seat back and lay upside-down watching the clouds out the back window. Driving twenty years later I find myself staring out at the horizon searching for side roads and empty homesteads hoping to discover something new.

The southwest corner of New Mexico and bordering outreaches of Arizona seem to be some of the most unpopulated land in the West. Sharing a border with the drug war embroiled Northern Mexico seems to increase the attraction of possible adventures in these parts. Between Arizona’s Texas Canyon and Lordsburg, New Mexico, lay a vast stretch of valleys, grassland and rock monuments that signify what I refer to as “God’s Country”.

Stay tuned for future travels here