Dona Ana Mountains Trail Run

A pre-run of the Dona Ana Mountains trails for the upcoming Chile Challenge event yielded high views and excitement Saturday. The trails of the Dona Ana Mountains offer various combinations of off-camber accents and descents while traversing steep hillsides, leaving little margin for error. A steady pace and skill is recommended.

The morning chill quickly burned off to provide clear skies and an easy breeze as we caravanned to the trailhead. As most often is the case, I dashed the iconic Jeep harmony as my lone Toyota pushed the back of the line. All vehicle make grunting aside; the group was capable and good company.

Be mindful when stopping these rocky slopes; the vehicle may wander off on its own. Park with the wheel turned uphill, use the parking brake and wedge rocks under tires. Walking away from my truck in this situation always provides unease.

Dad pilots his daughter into “Eye of the Needle”

Listening to bits of shale let go while leaning over a steep hillside is a therapeutic blood rush