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Ghost Divide Expedition: Overland to the Overland Expo West 2020

Ghost Divide Expedition [GDE] - Overland Adventure to the Overland Expo West - Sunday, May 10th through Thursday, May 14th, 2020

Invite: Attention all 2020 Overland Expo West bound Overlanders, Adventurists & Nomads! If your prospective 2020 Overland Expo West trip involves copious amounts of pavement, roadside diners, and dingy motels, consider airing-down, engaging 4WD, and taking the path less traveled with New Mexico Backroads.

Register: Ready for your next great adventure? If you are interested in joining the 2020 Ghost Divide Expedition, email for additional driver/equipment requirements and registration details will be provided.
GDE Preview: Visit the NMBR’s New Mexico Ghost Divide Expedition photo gallery for a preview of the Ghost Divide Expedition. LINK

The Experience: This May, NMBR will be guiding a 500-mile expedition en-route to the Overland Expo West that will traverse New Mexico and Arizona’s loneliest backroads. The GDE route will cover three u…

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