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NMBR Expeditions, Overland Adventures & EXP-4WD Training - NMBR's 2021 Schedule

JUNE 2021 – Summer Expedition & 4WD Training (EXP-4WD) – Friday, June 11th through Sunday, June 13th – Southern New Mexico Training Traversal JULY 2021 – Summer El Coyote Expedition (ECE) – Friday, July 9th through Sunday, July 11th – New Mexico Gila National Forest Ultra-Traversal JULY 2021 – River to the Sky Expedition (RTS) – Monday, July 26th through Thursday, July 29th – New Mexico and Colorado Traversal AUGUST 2021 – Banditos Expedition (BEX) – Monday, August 2nd through Thursday, August 5th – Full-Size Truck New Mexico and Colorado Traversal AUGUST 2021 – Overland Expo Mountain West Based Adventure: Rockies Road Trip (RRT) – Monday, August 23rd through Thursday, August 26th – Colorado Traversal to the Overland Expo Mountain West (Overland Expo Mountain West is Aug. 27th-29th) SEPTEMBER 2021 – Overland Expo West Based Adventure: Ghost Divide Expedition (GDE) – Monday, September 20th through Thursday, September 23rd – New Mexico and Arizona Traversal to the Overland Expo

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